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One in a Million: The Ron LeFlore Story

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(CBS, 9/26/1978, 120 mins). The true story of baseball star Ron LeFlore (based on his autobiography, “Breakout”) from his days as a street-corner punk with no future to his days behind bars on a petty robbery conviction and his ultimate once-in-a-lifetime chance with the Detroit Tigers, where he became an outstanding baseball player.

Production Companies Roger Gimbel Productions, EMI Television. Director William A. Graham. Executive Producers Roger Gimbel, Tony Converse. Producer William S. Gilmore. Teleplay Stanford Whitmore. Based on the Autobiography by Ron LeFlore with Jimmy Hawkins. Photography Jordan Cronenweth. Music Peter Matz. Editor Aaron Stell. Art Director William Fosser. Associate Producers Michael Raschella, Carole Raschella.

Cast LeVar Burton (Ron LeFlore), Madge Sinclair (Georgia LeFlore), Paul Benjamin (John LeFlore), James Luisi (Jimmy Karalla), Billy Martin (Himself), Zakes Mokae (Pee Wee Parker), Larry B. Scott (Gerald LeFlore), Yaumilton Brown (Leroy), Walter King (Antoine), Jimmy Spinks (Umpire), James Butsicaris (Himself), John McKee (Ralph Houk), Matt Stephens (Mickey Stanley), Tony Mockus (Prison board chairman), Al Kaline (Himself), Norm Cash (Himself), Jim Northrup (Himself), Bill Freeman (Himself), Tom Erhart (Parole Officer), James Karalla (Heckler).

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