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jack campos hospital producer

(NBC, 5/5/1975, 120 mins). A hospital drama involving a neurosurgeon/chief of services who faces numerous crises including saving a fellow doctor’s life after an incompetent physician makes an erroneous diagnosis. This was the pilot for George Peppard’s short-lived “Doctors Hospital” series (1975-76) that had Zohra Lambert, Victor Campos and Albert Paulsen continuing their roles as surgeons at Lowell Memorial Hospital.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Richard C. Sarafian. Executive Producer Matthew Rapf. Producer Jack Laird. Teleplay Jack Laird. Photography Howard R. Schwartz. Music Hal Mooney. Editor Douglas Stewart. Art Director Jack T. Collis.

Cast George Peppard (Dr. Jake Goodwin), William Daniels (Dr. Moresby), Louise Sorel (Carole Simon), Strother Martin (LeRoy Atkins), Zohra Lampert (Dr. Norah Purcell), Oscar Homolka (Dr. Helmut Von Schulthers), Victor Campos (Dr. Felipe Ortega), Peter Hooten (Dr. Madison), Albert Paulsen (Dr. Janos Varga), Giorgio Tozzi (Sanantonio), Jacqueline Brookes (Frances Hollander), Ben Masters (Felix Needham), Mary Moon Toy (Grace Chang), Maxine Stuart (Scotty), Rose Gregorio (Rose Sanantonio), William Traylor (Bill Hinshaw), Eleanor Zee (Mavis Porter), Trisha Noble (Sabina), Scott McKay (Adrian Hollander), Wendy Phillips (Debbie Hinshaw), Frances Osborne (Muriel Emhardt), Milt Kogan (Dr. Korngold), Karen Knotts (Myrna), Larry Gelman (Glick).

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