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Operation Petticoat

seaman john curtis richard

(ABC, 9/4/1977, 120 mins). This pilot movie (complete with laugh track) for the subsequent one season-plus series with much of the same cast during the first season and a complete overhaul during the initial weeks of the second is the TV remake of the 1959 Cary Grant-Tony Curtis comedy about a World War II submarine painted shocking pink and numbering among its crew five nurses rescued from battle. Interestingly, one of them is played by Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of Tony (and Janet Leigh), who costarred in the original.

Production Companies Heyday Productions, Universal Television. Director John Astin. Executive Producer Leonard B. Stern. Producer David J. O’Connell. Teleplay Leonard B. Stern. Based on a Story by Joe Stone, Paul King. Photography Frank Thackery. Music Artie Butler. Editor Clay Bartels. Art Director John D. Jeffries.

Cast John Astin (Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Sherman), Richard Gilliland (Lt. Nick Holden), Yvonne Wilder (Maj. Edna Hayward), Jackie Cooper (The Admiral), Richard Brestoff (Yeoman Hunkle), Christopher M. Brown (Ensign Stovall), Kraig Cassity (Seaman Dooley), Wayne Long (Chief Herbert Molumphrey), Richard Marion (Williams), Michael Mazes (Seaman Gossett), Jack Murdock (Chief Tostin), Peter Schuck (Seaman Horwich), Raymond Singer (Lieutenant Watson), Jim Varney (Seaman Broom), Melinda Naud (Lt. Dolores Crandell), Jamie Lee Curtis (Lt. Barbara Duran), Dorrie Thomson (Lt. Ruth Colfax), Bond Gideon (Lt. Claire Reid), George O Petrie (Admiral Hatfield), Jesse Dizon (Ramon Gallardo), Philip Sims (Supply officer), Michael Alldredge (Supply CPO).

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