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Orphan Train

scott production jill dorothea

(CBS, 12/22/1979, 180 mins). In this three-hour dramatization of a little publicized episode in American history, dedicated social worker Jill Eikenberry organizes a train trip for a group of slum orphans in 1894, taking them from New York City to the Midwest in search of new families and new lives. This fictionalized account covers the first of hundreds of orphan trains sponsored by what was to evolve as the Children’s Aid Society of New York. Production designer Jan Scott and set decorator Bill Harp received Emmy Award nominations for their artistry.

Production Companies Roger Gimbel Productions, EMI Television. Director William A. Graham. Executive Producers Marian Rees, Roger Gimbel, Tony Converse. Producer Dorothea G. Petrie. Teleplay Millard Lampell. Based on a Story by Dorothea G. Petrie. Photography Terry K. Meade. Music Laurence Rosenthal. Editor Aaron Stell. Production Designer Jan Scott.

Cast Jill Eikenberry (Emma Symms), Kevin Dobson (Frank Carlin), Linda Manz (Sarah), Graham Fletcher-Cook (Liverpool), Melissa Michaelsen (J.P.), Glenn Close (Jessica), Morgan Farley (Mr. McGarrity), Severn Darden (Mr. Barrington), Charlie Fields (Mouse), Peter Neuman (Ben), John Femia (Tony), Sarah Inglis (Annie), Andreas Manske (Dutch), Scott Rogers (Bruce), Justine Johnston (Mrs. Comstock), Sue Ann Gilfillan (Mrs. Gardner), Mike Hammett (Danny), Hallie Foote (Nellie).

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