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Outside Chance

miller john michael director

(CBS, 12/2/1978, 120 mins). A lady advertising executive finds herself in a small-town jail after being terrorized on a drive from Los Angeles to New York by two hitchhikers who steal her car and leave her unconscious by the roadside. She becomes a fugitive after killing her jailer during a rape attempt and breaking out with one of the hitchhikers who could prove her innocence. This is the same story, with a twist, as the unexpectedly successful “Jackson County Jail” (1976), also with Yvette Mimieux and the same technical crew headed by director Michael Miller, with much of the footage from that film telescoped to set up the premise for the new one.

Production Companies New World Television, Miller-Begun Productions. Director Michael Miller. Executive Producer Roger Corman. Producer Jeff Begun. Teleplay Michael Miller, Ralph Gaby Wilson. Music Lou Levy, Michael Dunne. Editor Bruce Logan. Art Director John Carter. Associate Producer Richard Shor.

Cast Yvette Mimieux (Dinah Hunter), Royce D. Applegate (Larry O’Brien), Beverly Hope Atkinson (Clair), Susan Batson (Mavis), Babs Bram (Miss Hopkins), Fredric Cook (Deputy Hobie), Severn Darden (Sheriff Dempsey), Howard Hesseman (David), Lee Fergus (Doctor), John H. Lawlor (Bill Hill), Betty Thomas (Katherine), Britt Leach (Alfred), Charles Young (Luther), Kimo Owens (Mirror Glasses), Ira Miller (Dale), Nancy Noble (Lola), Robin Sherwood (Tootie), Dick Armstrong (Arnold Bradfield), Janina T. White (Matron), Jerry Hamlin (Jimmy/diesel driver), Nan Martin (Allison), William Malloy (Deputy Lyle Peters), Larry Hankin (Deputy in van), Amparo Mimieux (Woman who bit off nose), John Ross (Bailiff), Allen Wood (Judge), Peter Vedro (O’Brien’s aide), Dorothy Dells (O’Brien’s secretary), Janice Hamlin (Nurse), John Abbott (Coroner), Marge Levine (Bar regular), Jean Francois Ferriol (Bar regular), H. Curley Moore (Sheriff).

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