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Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law

director david producer joan

(ABC, 9/12/1971, 120 mins). A successful, recently divorced lawyer defends a hippie accused of murdering a wealthy housewife in this pilot to the hit TV series (1971-74). Arthur Hill continued in the title role, as did Joan Darling (later to become a respected producer and director) in the part of his secretary. Lee Majors signed on as his associate and David Soul became one of his legmen. Subsequently titled “A Pattern of Morality.”

Production Companies Groverton Productions, Universal Television. Director Buzz Kulik. Executive Producer David Victor. Producer Douglas Benton. Teleplay Jerry McNeely. Based on a Story by David Victor, Jerry McNeely. Photography Walter Strenge. Music Elmer Bernstein. Editor Robert F. Shugrue. Art Director George Patrick.

Cast Arthur Hill (Owen Marshall), Vera Miles (Joan Baldwin), Joseph Campanella (Dr. Eric Gibson), William Shatner (DA Dave Blankenship), Bruce Davison (Raymond “Cowboy” Leatherberry), Tim Matheson (Jim McGuire), Dana Wynter (Judge Lynn Oliver), Ramon Bieri (Dr. Thomas Hershey), Sorrell Booke (Murray Gale), Christine Matchett (Melissa Marshall), Rick Lenz (Baird Marshall), Joan Darling (Frieda Krause), Walter Brooke (Dr. Ray Baldwin), Kathleen Lloyd (Gloria Leatherberry), Donald Barry (Innkeeper).

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