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Panic in Echo Park

harewood robert dorian edgar

(NBC, 6/23/1977, 90 mins). An undisciplined but dedicated black doctor (Dorian Harewood) spends his off duty hours tracing the cause of an apparent epidemic afflicting tenants of a slum building of East Los Angeles, with the help of local teenagers, and is accused by city officials of precipitating a panic. This pilot film never materialized into a series.

Production Company Edgar J. Scherick Associates. Director John Llewellyn Moxey. Producers Daniel H. Blatt, Edgar J. Scherick. Teleplay Dalene Young. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music Johnnie Spence. Song Performed by Dorian Harewood. Editor Bud S. Isaacs. Art Director Gene Callahan. Associate Producer Robert Greenhut.

Cast Dorian Harewood (Dr. Michael Stoner), Robin Gammell (Dr. Tishman), Catlin Adams (Cynthia), Norman Bartold (Harold Dickerson), Ramon Bieri (Fallen Reilly), Regis J. Cordic (Dr. Gavin O’Connor), Vernon Weddle (Mason), George Brenlin (Tony Lamberti), Tamu (Angie), Jane Elliot (Ebony), James Hong (Larry Lee), David Clennon, Movita, René Enriquez, Bryan Gordon, Hilda Haynes, Andre Pavan, George O. Petrie, Rose Portillo, Fran Ryan, Hunter Von Leer, Ira Angustain, Beverly Gill, Trini Marquez, Jolie Jones, Barbara Iley, Janice Williams, Frances Fong, Rhoda Gemignani, Richard Molinare, Grayce Spence, Peter Kwong, Douglas Grant, Michael Salcedo, Robert Mackray, Roy West, Tad Horino, Penny Krompier, Nancy Stephens, Ted Noose, Benny Medina, Dorothy Myers, O.W. Tuthill, Jesse Aragon, Hannah Dean, Eloy Phil Casados, Hank Hoffman, Richard Marion, Doris Martin.

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