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Panic on the 5:22

producer george robert richard

(ABC, 11/20/1974, 90 mins). Terror rides a private railroad car where passengers have only their wits as weapons against three armed men determined to rob and kill them.

Production Company Quinn Martin Productions. Director Harvey Hart. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producer Anthony Spinner. Supervising Producer Russell Stoneham. Teleplay Eugene Price. Photography William W. Spencer. Music Richard Markowitz. Editor Pembroke J. Herring. Art Director Richard Y. Haman. Executive in Charge of Production Arthur Fellows.

Cast Ina Balin (Countess Hedy Maria Tovarese), Bernie Casey (Wendell Weaver), Linden Chiles (Tony Ebsen), Andrew Duggan (Harlan Jack Gardner), Dana Elcar (Hal Rodgers), Eduard Franz (Jerome Hartford), Lynda Day George (Mary Ellen Lewis), Laurence Luckinbill (Lawrence Lewis), Reni Santoni (Emil Linz), James Sloyan (Frankie Scamantino), Robert Walden (Eddie Chiario), Dennis Patrick (Dudley Stevenson), Robert Mandan (Dr. Cruikshank), Charles Lampkin (George Lincoln), Joseph Perry (Charlie), Byron Morrow (A.C. Thompson), Derick Stroud (Shoeshine boy), George Kramer (Harry Kinney), Sam DeFazio (Rick Apollo), Jasper Nolan (Priest), Mark Thomas (Tod Winslow), Bernard Kuby, Allen Joseph, Arthur Adams.

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