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The Paradise Connection

ebsen michael buddy director

(CBS, 9/15/1979, 120 mins). Buddy Ebsen did this pilot to a prospective new series called “Lahaina” while still starring on “Barnaby Jones,” and here plays a notorious Chicago lawyer who leaves his successful practice to search for his estranged son in Hawaii. Ebsen’s daughter, Bonnie, is one of the costars, playing a singing waitress in love with the son who’s involved in some shady dealings and is being sought for drug smuggling.

Production Companies Woodruff Productions, QM Productions. Director Michael Preece. Executive Producer Philip Saltzman. Producer Buddy Ebsen. Teleplay Brigitt Christiansen, Jon Christiansen. Photography William W. Spencer. Music Bruce Broughton. Editor Donald Hoskinson. Art Director George B. Chan.

Cast Buddy Ebsen (Stuart Douglas), Marj Dusay (Maggie Donovan), Brian Kerwin (Bruce Douglas), Bonnie Ebsen (Dolly Nielson), Paul Lambert (Nicky Milo), Michael Biehn (Larry DeWitt), John Colicos (Maj. Derek Barclay-Battles), Danny Kamekona (Lieutenant Mako), Zulu (Rudy), Fred Ball (Mr. Goodman), Michael Vendrell (Max), Larry Duran (Pepe), Nephi Hannemann (Manu), Richard Johnson (2nd henchman), Peter Kalua (1st henchman), Andy Ponce (Desk clerk), Diane Crowley (Milo’s secretary), Moe Keale (Driver).

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