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john silliphant north director

(ABC, 11/15/1978 to 11/19/1978, 3 Parts, 120 mins each, 6 hours). A stellar three-part romantic drama, written by prolific Stirlin Silliphant, looking suspiciously like “From Here to Eternity” (a miniseries version of which turned up some weeks after this one premiered) and interweaving the lives and passions of three military couples living in Honolulu in December 1941.

Production Companies Konigsberg Productions, Stirling Silliphant Productions, Warner Bros Television. Director Hy Averback. Executive Producers Frank Konigsberg, Stirling Silliphant. Producer Sam Manners. Teleplay Stirling Silliphant. Photography Gayne Rescher. Music John Addison. Editor Donald R. Rode. Art Director W. Stewart Campbell. Second Unit Director Alexander Singer.

Cast Angie Dickinson (Midge Forrest), Dennis Weaver (Col. Jason Forrest), Robert Wagner (Capt. Cal Lanford), Lesley Ann Warren (Dr. Karel Lang), Tiana Alexander (Holly Nagata), Gregg Henry (Lt. Doug North), Katherine Helmond (Sally Colton), Adam Arkin (Private Zylowski), Brian Dennehy (Sgt. Otto Chain), Max Gail (Sergeant Walder), Char Fontane (Shirley), Audra Lindley (Lily/general’s wife), Richard Anderson (Commissioner John North), Marion Ross (Ellie North), Allan Miller (Harrison), Christian Vance (Pvt. John Finger), Mary Crosby (Patricia North), Chip Lucia (Lieutenant Christopher), David Elliott (Cerruti), Les Lannom (Looper), Joseph Campanella (Narrator), John Fitzgibbon, Mike Miyashiro, Seth Sakai, Marika Yamato, Elizabeth Smith, Ben Cassidy, Fred Stromsoe, John A. Lewis, Molly Mannix, Kathy Stamos, Kathy Lukather, Lawrence T. Zerkel, Moe Keale, Don Rockwell, Bill Edwards, Fred Ball, George Wilbur, Tom Howse, Alan Hathaway, Russell C. Wiggins, Tim Jefferies, John Whitney, Valerie Ann Charles, Marjorie Reynolds, Tiffany Lynn, Col. Ed McDonald, Robby Weaver, Barbara Kelly, Janice Ryan, Debbie Gamble, Mike Senedecker, Tom Drews, Al Litton, Ron Nakahara, Sandy Shirai, Bob Cullifer.

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