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The People

walters producer based diemus

(ABC, 1/22/1972, 90 mins). A supernatural thriller involving a young teacher (Kim Darby) in an isolated California community who discovers that her pupils and their parents possess special powers and a secret bond. Based on Zenna Henderson’s 1961 novel “Pilgrimage: The Book of the People,” it was filmed in Nicasio, California.

Production Companies Metromedia Producers Corp, American Zoetrope. Director John Korty. Executive Producer Francis Ford Coppola. Producer Gerald I. Isenberg. Teleplay James M. Miller. Based on a Novel by Zenna Henderson. Photography Edward Rosson. Music Carmine Coppola. Editor Patrick Kennedy. Art Director Jackson DeGovia.

Cast Kim Darby (Melodye Amerson), William Shatner (Dr. Curtis), Diane Varsi (Valency Carmody), Laurie Walters (Karen Diemus), Dan O’Herlihy (Sol Diemus), Chris Valentine (Clement Francker), Johanna Baer (Bethie), Stephanie Valentine (Talitha), Jack Dallgren (Kiah), Andrew Crichton (Thann), David Petch (Matt), Dorothy Drady (Dita), Mary Rose McMaster (Maras), Anne Walters (Obla), Tony Dario (Bram), Joy Carlin, Kenna Hunt, Frank Albertson, Don Michaelian.

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