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Planet Earth

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(ABC, 4/23/1974, 90 mins). An American astronaut, cast into the year 2133 through suspended animation, is captured and enslaved by a female dominated society in the sci-fi reworking by Gene Roddenberry of his “Genesis II” (1973).

Production Company Warner Bros. Television. Director Marc Daniels. Executive Producer Gene Roddenberry. Producer Robert H. Justman. Teleplay Gene Roddenberry, Juanita Bartlett. Based on a Story by Gene Roddenberry. Photography Arch R. Dalzell. Music Harry Sukman. Editor George Watters. Art Director Robert Kinoshita.

Cast John Saxon (Dylan Hunt), Janet Margolin (Harper-Smythe), Ted Cassidy (Isiah), Christopher Cary (Baylok), Diana Muldaur (Marg), Jo DeWinter (Villar), Majel Barrett (Yuloff), Jim Antonio (Dr. Jonathan Connor), Sally Kemp (Treece), Claire Brennan (Delba), Corinne Camacho (Bronta), Sarah Chattin (Thetis), John Quade (Kreeg commandant), Patricia Smith (Skylar), Raymond Sutton (Kreeg captain), Rai Tasco (Peter Kimbridge), Aron Kincaid (Gorda), James Bacon (Partha), Joan Crosby (Kyla), Lew Brown (Merlo), Craig Hundley (Harpsichordist), Robert McAndrew (1st Dink), Bob Golden (2nd Dink).

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