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Pleasure Cove

david tom jones shaw

(NBC, 1/3/1979, 120 mins). A landlocked variation of “Love Boat” was this pilot for a prospective series, interweaving several lighthearted plots about vacationers at a posh resort—one of whom is Tom Jones, making his acting debut as a charming rogue with criminal intentions.

Production Companies David Gerber Productions, Lou Shaw Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Bruce Bilson. Producer Mel Swope. Teleplay Lou Shaw. Photography Jack A. Whitman. Music Perry Botkin. Editor J. Terry Williams, John Farrell. Art Director Ray Beal.

Cast Tom Jones (Raymond Gordon), Constance Forslund (Kim Parker), Melody Anderson (Julie), Jerry Lacy (Chip Garvey), James Murtaugh (Henry Sinclair), Ernest Harada (Osaki), Joan Hackett (Martha Harrison), Harry Guardino (Bert Harrison), Shelley Fabares (Helen Perlmutter), David Hasselhoff (Scott), Ron Masak (Joe), Barbara Luna (Gayle Tyler), Tanya Roberts (Sally), Rhoda Bates (Zelda Golden), Robert Emhardt (Fat man at bar), David Ankrum (Jack), Sandy Champion (Willard), Wes Parker (Donald), Les Brown (Himself).

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