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The Police Story

david sgt joseph movie

(NBC, 3/20/1973, 120 mins). A solid cop movie that served as the pilot to the acclaimed anthology series (1973-77), which focused on various aspects of police work with different leading players every week (aside from one or two recurring roles). The TV-movie pitted a hard-nosed cop, in charge of a special felony squad, against a trigger-happy gunman who knows his way around the law.

Production Companies David Gerber Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director William A Graham. Producer David Gerber. Teleplay E. Jack Neuman. Created by Joseph Wambaugh. Photography Robert L. Morrison. Music Jerry Goldsmith. Editor Rita Roland. Art Directors Robert Peterson, Ross Bellah. Associate Producer Christopher Morgan.

Cast Vic Morrow (Sgt. Joe LaFrita), Edward Asner (Lt. Dave Blodgett), Diane Baker (Jenny Dale), Ina Balin (Martha LaFrita), Sandy Baron (Ray Gonzales), Chuck Connors (Slow Boy), Harry Guardino (Sgt. Solly Piccolini), Ralph Meeker (Chief Harry Stahlgaher), Mel Scott (K.T.), David Doyle (Kurt Mueller), John Bennett Perry (Sgt. Chick Torpi), Kim Hamilton (Harriet Parsons), Barbara Rhoades (Marnie), Dianne Hull (Patti), Byron Mabe (Arnie Dillon), Hal Williams (Marshall Rhoades), Joseph Bernard (Whitey), James Luisi, Michael Baseleon, John Karlen, Taylor Lacher.

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