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Poor Devil

robert sammy barret arne

(NBC, 2/14/1973, 90 mins). A comedy about Satan’s bumbling disciple (Sammy Davis Jr.) who, after 1,400 years of failure to secure a single soul for his boss (Christopher Lee), gets one last chance when he sets his sights on a gambler, a disgruntled accountant (Jack Klugman). A pilot for a prospective series.

Production Company Paramount Network Television. Director Robert Scheerer. Executive Producers Arne Sultan, Earl Barret. Producer Robert Stambler. Teleplay Arne Sultan, Earl Barret, Richard Baer. Photography Howard R. Schwartz. Music Morton Stevens. Editor Mike Vejar, Robert Kern Jr. Art Director Monty Elliott.

Cast Sammy Davis Jr. (Sammy), Christopher Lee (Lucifer), Jack Klugman (Burnett Emerson), Adam West (Jannes Crawford), Gino Conforti (Bligh), Emily Yancy (Chelsea), Madlyn Rhue (Frances Emerson), Alan Manson (Mr. Moriarty), Ken Lynch (Desk sergeant), Byron Webster (Blackbeard), Buddy Lester (Al Capone), Owen Bush (Tom), Nick Georgiade (Bob Younger), Don Ross (Eddie), Lila Teigh (Woman), Stephen Coit (Father-in-law), Jo DeWinter (Secretary), George Kramer (Cole Younger), Clyde Ventura (Clyde Barrow), Nancy Reichert (Bonnie), Tom Wize (John Younger), David Young (James Younger).

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