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Portrait of a Stripper

frank hanson director john

(CBS, 10/2/1979, 120 mins). Young widow, supporting herself and her pre-teen son by performing as a nightclub dancer, finds the place turned into a strip joint and learns that her father-in-law is trying to prove her an unfit mother. Originally titled “The Secret Life of Susie Hanson.”

Production Companies Moonlight Productions, Filmways. Director John A. Alonzo. Executive Producers Frank von Zerneck, Robert Greenwald. Producer James Walsh. Teleplay Ben Massellink. Photography John A. Alonzo. Music Arthur B. Rubinstein. Choreography by Sarah Tayir, Steven Merritt. Editor Melvin Shapiro. Art Director Daniel A. Lomino. Production Executive Richard M. Rosenbloom.

Cast Lesley Ann Warren (Susie Hanson), Edward Herrmann (Frank Andrews), Vic Tailback (Harry Perkins), Allan Miller (Mel), Sheer North (Sally Evers), Thomas Hill (Walt Sterling), K.C. Martel (Mark Hanson), Michael Cavanaugh (Steve Vector), Dana Power (Jackie), Louise Foley (Ruthie), Lucy Lee Flipping (Lori), Jeff Donnell (Edith Sterling), Julie Mannix (Jill), Lillian Chauvin (Yvette), Louisa Moritz (Donna), Kristin Sinclair (Wendy), Paul Limber (Randy), Frank Barney (Director), Jane Cullen (Tracy), Debit Richter (Bonnie), Gene Montoya (Choreographer).

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