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The Power Within

producer john art spelling

(ABC, 5/11/1979, 90 mins). A prospective pilot about a daredevil flyer, barnstorming for county fairs, who becomes a human dynamo after being struck by lightning and is menaced by enemy agents determined to find out the secret of his incredible strength. This was called “Power Man” not only in production but in all publicity and in promotional ads virtually until moments before its initial airing.

Production Company Aaron Spelling Productions. Director John Llewellyn Moxey. Executive Producers Aaron Spelling, Douglas S. Cramer. Producer Alan Godfrey. Supervising Producer E. Duke Vincent. Teleplay William Clark. Photography Emil Oster. Music John Addison. Supervising Editor Michael S. McLean. Editor Dennis C. Duckwall. Art Directors Paul Sylos, Tom Trimble. Associate Producer Michael S. McLean.

Cast Art Hindle (Chris Darrow), Edward Binns (Gen. Tom Darrow), Joseph Rassulo (Bill Carmelli), Eric Braeden (Stephens), David Hedison (Danton), Susan Howard (Dr. Joanna Mills), Dick Sargent (Capt. Ed Holman), Karen Lamm (Marvalee), Isabell MacCloskey (Grandma), K.C. Martel (Small boy), Chris Wallace (1st guard), Bill Sorrells (2nd guard), John Dennis (Rancher).

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