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The President's Plane Is Missing

richard john james robert

(ABC, 10/23/1973, 120 mins). A political thriller based on the 1967 novel by Robert J. Serling (Rod’s brother) about an incompetent vice president who is left in control of the government when Air Force One mysteriously disappears with the president aboard.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Daryl Duke. Producer Mark Carliner. Teleplay Ernest Kinoy, Mark Carliner. Based on the Novel by Robert J. Serling. Photography Richard C. Glouner. Music Gil Melle. Editor John F. Link. Art Director James G. Hulsey.

Cast Buddy Ebsen (Vice President Kermit Madigan), Peter Graves (Mark Jones), Arthur Kennedy (Gunther Damon), Raymond Massey (Freeman Sharkey), Mercedes McCambridge (Hester Madigan), Rip Torn (George Oldenberg), Louise Sorel (Joanna Spencer), James Wainwright (Gen. Ben Dunbar), Dabney Coleman (Sen. Burt Haines), Joseph Campanella (Col. Doug Henderson), Todd Andrews (Pres Jeremy Haines), Richard Eastham (General Colton), Jim B. Smith (Maj. Earl Foster), Maida Severn (Judy Nance), Ivan Bonar (Colonel to Dunbar), Gary Haynes (Rod Pitcher), Patty Bodeen (Girl in desert), Robert Reiser (Boy in desert), Byron Morrow (Admiral Phillips), Bill Walker (Thomas), Richard Bull (1st controller), Vernon Weddle (2nd controller), Hoke Howell (Control supervisor), Richard Stahl (Dentist), Gil Peterson (Tower controller), Dale Tarter (Airman), James Gavin (Helicopter pilot), Barry Cahill (Ground crew chief), Lillian Lehman (Genesse), James B. Sikking (Aide to Dunbar), Barbara Leigh (WAF), Jerry Crews (News cameraman), Jeff Burton (Reporter), John Rayner (Aide to Colton), George Barrows (Mr. Moyers), John Amos (Marine corporal), John Ward (Major D’Andrea), Howard K. Smith (Voice).

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