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The Priest Killer

robert david director father

(NBC, 9/14/1971, 120 mins). Wheelchair bound Robert Ironside, and cop-turned-priest Sarge Swanson, team up to solve a series of murders among the clergy in this second pilot to George Kennedy’s “Sarge” show, which ran for several months in late 1971.

Production Companies Harbour Productions, Universal Television. Director Richard Colla. Executive Producer Richard Colla. Producer David Levinson. Teleplay Joel Oliansky, Robert Van Scoyk. Based on a Story by David Levy, Robert Van Scoyk. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music David Shire. Editor Robert L. Kimble. Art Director Russell C Forrest. Associate Producer Rita Dillon. Costumes Grady Hunt. Assistant Director Christian Nyby II.

Cast Raymond Burr (Chief Robert T. Ironside), George Kennedy (Sarge Swanson), Don Galloway (Sgt. Ed Brown), Don Mitchell (Mark Sanger), Louise Latham (Martha Gordon), Anthony Zerbe (Vincent Wiertel), Peter Brocco (Father Miles), Robert Sampson (Father McMurtry), Robert Shayne (Father Wendell), Kermit Murdock (Publisher), Fred Slyter (Author), Max Gail (Patrolman), Ned Romero (Monsignor), David Huddleston (Harrison Davis), Ann Doran (Harriet Miles), Regis J. Cordic (Archbishop), Gail Bonney (Josephine McMurtry), Robert Williams (Tom McMurtry), Robert Karnes (Hugh O’Flynn), Don Ross (Detective Baker), Allison McKay (Woman), Thomas Bellin (Mr. LaPlan), Ron Masak (Michaels), Charles Seel (Sacristan), John Steadman (Rogers).

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