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robert michael crichton nerve

(ABC, 12/12/1972, 90 mins). A government agent (Ben Gazzara) tries to keep an extremist from decimating with stolen nerve gas a city where a political convention is underway in this suspense thriller that marked the directorial debut of surgeon-turned novelist Michael Crichton, based on the 1972 novel “Binary,” that he wrote under the name John Lange.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Michael Crichton. Executive Producer Lee Rich. Producer Robert L Jacks. Teleplay Robert Dozier. Based on a Novel by John Lange [Michael Crichton]. Photography Robert L. Morrison. Music Jerry Goldsmith. Editor Gene Fowler Jr. Art Director Robert E. Smith.

Cast Ben Gazzara (Steven Graves), E.G. Marshall (James Wright), William Windom (Robert Phillips), Joseph Wiseman (Dr. Peter Nordmann), Jim McMullan (Lewis), Martin Sheen (Timothy Drew), Will Kuluva (Dr. Wolff), Hank Brandt (Agent), Quinn Redeker (Captain Morrison), Joe Brooks (Cop), Robert Cleaves (Gleason), Conrad Bachmann (2nd officer), Walt Davis (1st officer), Dan Ferrone (Salesman), Sid Grossfeld (Stack), Diki Lerner (Nerve gas victim), Len Wayland (Karley).

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