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(ABC, 4/29/1974 and 4/30/1974, 2 Parts, 6 1/2 hours). An absorbing six-hour-plus adaptation of Leon Uris’ best-selling 1970 novel telling the story of two successful men, an American writer and a Polish doctor, whose careers lead to a confrontation in a London courtroom when the former accuses the latter of having performed illegal operations in a Nazi prison camp years earlier and is sued for libel. The longest made-for-TV movie to date received 13 Emmy Award nominations including Outstanding Special, as well as for directing, writing, music, cinematography, art, editing and graphic design. Lee Remick, Jack Hawkins (in his last screen role), Anthony Quayle and Juliet Mills all were nominated for supporting performances. Quayle and Mills won, as did Jerry Goldsmith (music), Phill Norman (graphic design), and Brandt and Rosenblum (editing).

Production Companies Douglas S. Cramer Productions, Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Tom Gries. Producer Douglas S Cramer. Teleplay Edward Anhalt. Based on the Novel by Leon Uris. Photography Paul Beeson, Robert L. Morrison. Music Jerry Goldsmith. Editor Byron ‘Buzz’ Brandt, Irving C. Rosenblum. Art Directors Maurice Fowler, Ross Bellah. Production Concept Wilford Lloyd Baumes. Title Design Phill Norman.

Cast Ben Gazzara (Abe Cady), Anthony Hopkins (Dr. Adam Kelno), Leslie Caron (Angela Kelno), Lee Remick (Lady Margaret Alexander Weidman), Juliet Mills (Samantha Cady), Dan O’Herlihy (David Shawcross), Robert Stephens (Robert Highsmith), Anthony Quayle (Tom Bannister), Milo O’Shea (Dr. Stanislaus Lotaki), John Gielgud (Clinton-Meek), Edith Evans (Dr. Parmentier), Jack Hawkins (Justice Gilroy), Judy Carne (Natalie), Kristoffer Tabori (Ben Cady), Joseph Wiseman (Morris Cady), Anthony Andrews (Stephen Kelno), Signe Hasso (Lena Kronska), Sam Jaffe (Dr. Mark Tessler), Alan Napier (Semple), Gregoire Aslan (Sheik Hassan), Lana Wood (Sue Scanlon), Julian Glover (Igor Zaminski), Robert Hutton (Ambassador Richards), Michael Gough (Dr. Fletcher), Vladek Sheybal (Sobotnik), Milos Kirek (Eli Janos), Geoffrey Keen (Magistrate Griffin), Michael-James Wixted (Stephen Kleno at age 10), Suzanne Fleuret (Arning), Louis Selwyn (Jabir), John Bleifer (Ben-Dan), Bruce Bould (O’Connor), Norma Connolly (Corinne), Cathleen Cordell (Lady Elizabeth), Miki Iveria (Mrs. Cohen), Katherine Kath (Mrs. Czerny), Leigh Lawson (Dicks), David Lodge (Sergeant Flory), Richard Marner (Wladislaw Kranz), Reginald Marsh (Inspector Henderson), Derek Newark (Mr. Graham), Patrick O’Moore (Sir Arthur), George Pravda (Moishe Bartoy), John Savident (Anesthetist), Cyril Shaps (Uri Lehrer), Isabelle Telezynska (Mrs. Gold), Anna Tzelniker (Mrs. Peretz).

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