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Queen of the Stardust Ballroom

goldenberg bergman charles david

(CBS, 2/13/1975, 120 mins). A striking, Emmy Award-winning drama with music about a suddenly widowed housewife who finds that her acute problems are loneliness and the well-meaning attempts at comfort by her family and friends. She discovers a new life and companionship at a local ballroom where she meets a married mailman who becomes her regular dance partner and tender friend. Both Maureen Stapleton and Charles Durning received Emmy nominations, while David Walsh, Marge Champion, Billy Goldenberg and Alan and Marilyn Bergman all won. Sam O’Steen received the Directors Guild of America Award and Jerome Kass and won the Writers Guild of America Award for his teleplay. “Queen of the Stardust Ballroom” subsequently was expanded into the Broadway musical “Ballroom” and opened in December 1978.

Production Company Tomorrow Entertainment. Director Sam O’Steen. Producers Rick Rosenberg, Robert W. Christiansen. Teleplay Jerome Kass. Photography David Walsh. Music Billy Goldenberg. Songs by Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Billy Goldenberg. Choreographer Marge Champion. Editor William H. Ziegler. Production Supervisor Christopher Seitz.

Cast Maureen Stapleton (Bea Asher), Charles Durning (Al Green), Michael Brandon (David Asher), Elizabeth Berger (Jennifer), Lewis Charles (Johnny), Natalie Core (Pauline Krimm), Alan Fudge (Louis), Florence Halop (Sylvia), Danna Hansen (Martha), Jacquelyn Hyde (Angie), Holly Irving (Mane), Gil Lamb (Harry), Nora Marlowe (Emily), Charlotte Rae (Helen), Guy Raymond (Petie), Beverly Sanders (Diane), Michael Strong (Jack), Claude Stroud (Moe), Ruth Warshawsky (Shirley), Martha Tilton (Band vocalist), Louise Lorimer (Lady in park), Gaye Taron (Young woman), Lois Walden (Natalie), Robin Muir (Leslie), Charmie Mayer (Terry), Orrin Tucker and His Orchestra.

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