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Raid on Entebbe

sager peter david art

(NBC, 1/9/1977, 180 mins). This was the second star-laden three-hour dramatization of the Israeli rescue of plane-bound hostages taken during a Palestinian hijacking on July 4, 1976. Cinematographer Bill Butler won an Emmy Award for his work. Others nominated were Peter Finch (his last screen role), Martin Balsam and Yaphet Kotto, director Irvin Kershner, writer Barry Beckerman, composer David Shire, and editors Bud S. Isaacs, Nick Archer and Art Seid. Charles Bronson returned to television acting in this one (without top billing and even listed below the title) after a decade away in his successful search for movie stardom.

Production Companies Edgar J. Scherick Associates, Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Irvin Kershner. Executive Producers Daniel H. Blatt, Edgar J. Scherick. Teleplay Barry Beckerman. Photography Bill Butler. Music David Shire. Editor Art Seid, Bud S. Isaacs, Nick Archer. Art Director Kirk Axtell. Production Designer W. Stewart Campbell. Associate Producer Robin S. Clark. Technical Advisor Aharon Ipale.

Cast Peter Finch (Yitzhak Rabin), Martin Balsam (Daniel Cooper), Horst Bucholz (Wilfrid Bose), John Saxon (Maj. Gen. Benny Pelod), Sylvia Sidney (Dora Bloch), Jack Warden (Mordechai Gur), Yaphet Kotto (President Idi Amin), Charles Bronson (Gen. Dan Shamron), Tige Andrews (Shimon Peres), Eddie Constantine (Capt. Michel Bacos), Warren Kemmerling (Yaakobi), Robert Loggia (Yigal Allon), David Opatoshu (Menachem Begin), Allan Arbus (Pasco Cohen), Mariclare Costello (Gabriele Krieger), Stephen Macht (Col. Yonatan “Yonni” Netanyahu), James Woods (Sammy Berg), Lou Gilbert (Bar Lev), Alex Colon (Terrorist), Robin Gammell (Mr. Sager), Aharon Ipale (Lieutenant Grut), Harvey Lembeck (Mr. Harvey), Billy Sands (Goldbaum), Millie Slavin (Mrs. Sager), Pearl Shear (Mrs. Loeb), René Assa (Terrorist No. 38), Barbara Allyne Bennett (1st relative), Anna Berger (Mrs. Berg), Stanley Brock (Israel Gallili), Peter Brocco (Mr. Scharf), Fred Cardoza (Uri Rosen), Lauren Frost (Julie Darin), Larry Gelman (Mr. Berg), Bill Gerber (Nathan Darin), Dov Gottesfeld (Meteorologist), Hanna Hertelendy (Mrs. Gordon), Dinah Manoff (Rachel Sager), Caryn Matchinga (Mrs. Bennett), Harlee McBride (Air France stewardess), George O Petrie (Chaim Zadok), Louis Quinn (Delegation member), Kim Richards (Alice), Tom Rosqui (Amos Eran), Steve Shaw (Jonathan Sager), Martin Speer (Delegation member).

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