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(NBC, 11/6/1978, 120 mins). A musical drama tracing the life of a young Judy Garland (ages 10 to 17) during her rise from struggling vaudeville performer to the star of “The Wizard of Oz,” with Andrea McArdle, Broadway’s original “Annie,” in the lead. Onetime actor Jackie Cooper, who was a teenage boyfriend of Garland, directed. Based on the 1975 book by Christopher Finch. Cinematographer Howard R. Schwartz received an Emmy Award for his contribution.

Production Company Ten-Four Productions. Director Jackie Cooper. Executive Producers Greg Strangis, William Hogan. Producer Peter Dunne. Teleplay John McGreevey. Based on a Book by Christopher Finch. Photography Howard R. Schwartz. Music Charles Fox. Editor Jerry Dronsky. Art Director Bill Ross. Associate Producer Bob Birnbaum.

Cast Andrea McArdle (Judy Garland), Don Murray (Frank Gumm), Michael Parks (Roger Edens), Rue McClanahan (Ida Koverman), Nicholas Pryor (Will Gilmore), Jack Carter (George Jessel), Donna Pescow (Jinnie Gumm), Erin Donovan (Janey Gumm), Martin Balsam (Louis B. Mayer), Piper Laurie (Ethel Gumm), Moosie Drier (Mickey Rooney), Johnny Doran (Jackie Cooper), Philip Sterling (Arthur Freed), Ben Frank (Agent), Peggy Walton (Laura Gilmore), Carol Leigh (Carole Lombard), Albert Morgenstern, Vincent Duke Milana, Mary Gregory, David Eibel, Frank Bonner, Judith Searle, Selma Archerd, Stanley Kamel, John Murat, Don Sherman.

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