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The Rangers

jack james series smith

(NBC, 12/24/1974, 90 mins). This was the pilot for the short-lived “Sierra” series (Sept. Dec. 1974) —it was shown two weeks after the series was cancelled revolving around the rescue operations of the U.S. park rangers. The series starred James G. Richardson along with Ernest Thompson and Jack Hogan in the roles here played by Colby Chester and Jim B. Smith, plus Susan Foster as a lady ranger.

Production Companies Mark VII Ltd., NBC Productions. Director Christian Nyby II. Executive Producer Jack Webb. Producer Ed Self. Teleplay Michael Donavan, Preston Wood, Robert A. Cinader. Photography Robert H. Wyckoff. Music Lee Holdridge. Editor Bill Parker, John Kaufman Jr. Art Director James Martin Bachman.

Cast James G. Richardson (Ranger Tim Cassidy), Colby Chester (Ranger Matt Harper), Jim B. Smith (Chief Ranger Jack Moore), Laurette Spang (Ranger Julie Beck), Laraine Stephens (Edie), Larry Delaney (Bob), Michael Conrad (Frank), Roger Bowen (Sam), Carl Roger Breedlove, Dave Birkoff, Ann Morgan Guilbert.

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