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The Red Pony

tiflin totten robert directors

(NBC, 3/18/1973, 120 mins). Peabody Award-winning color remake of the 1949 movie from the 1933 Steinbeck novella here without the Billy Buck character telling a turn of the century California farm family and the attachment of their sensitive young son to his horse after being unable to establish an understanding with his gruff father. Emmy Award-nominated as Outstanding Special, with nominations also going to Henry Fonda as well as writers, photographer, music composer, art directors, set decorator, makeup artist and sound editor.

Production Companies Omnibus-Biography Productions, Universal Television. Director Robert Totten. Producer Frederick Brogger. Teleplay Robert Totten, Ronald Bishop. Based on a Novella by John Steinbeck. Photography Andrew Jackson. Music Jerry Goldsmith. Editor Marsh Hendry. Art Directors James G. Hulsey, Robert Boyle. Associate Producer Ray Kellogg.

Cast Henry Fonda (Carl Tiflin), Maureen O’Hara (Ruth Tiflin), Ben Johnson (Jess Taylor), Jack Elam (Grandfather), Clint Howard (Jody Tiflin), Julian Rivero (Gitano), Lieux Dressler (Dearie), Roy Jenson (Toby), Richard Jaeckel (James Creighton), Woodrow Chambliss (Orville Frye), Link Wyler (Sonny Frye), Rance Howard (Sheriff Bill Smith), Warren Douglas (Barton), Yvonne Wood (Sarah Taylor), Sally Carter-Ihnat (Miss Willis), Victor Sen Yung (Mr. Sing/Mr. Green), Jerry Fuentes, David Markham, Clay Radovtch, Clifford Hodge, Heather Totten, Debbie Steele, Verne Ellenwood, Joe Sardello, Bob Roe, Kurt Sled.

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