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john sam richard novel

(CBS, 9/14/1977, 90 mins). A taciturn Arizona state trooper pits his Indian skills against modern military combat tactics as he pursues a band of bank robbers who have pulled off a combat-style heist, killed his doting uncle and taken a ranch woman hostage while withdrawing into the snowy mountains. Based on Brian Garfield’s 1972 novel.

Production Company CBS Productions. Director Lee H. Katzin. Producer Fred Baum. Teleplay Sam H. Rolfe. Based on a Novel by Brian Garfield. Photography Jack A. Whitman. Music John Cacavas. Editor Richard Bracken. Art Director Albert Heschong.

Cast Will Sampson (Sam Watchman), Monte Markham (Paul Vickers), John Hillerman (Maj. Leo Hargit), Marianna Hill (Annie Lansford), Larry Wilcox (Buck), Antony Ponzini (Jack Hanratty), John H. Lawlor (Walker), Ted Markland (Lt. Dan Barraclough), David Pendleton (Dwayne Terry), Ron Foster (Sgt. Ed Kleber), Don Starr (Cal), Danny Zapien (Jasper Simalee), Steve Schemmel (Doctor), Richard Kennedy (Trooper), Pat Bolt (Waitress), Earl Smith (Deputy), Melvin Todd (Proprietor), Dick Armstrong (Reporter), Carroll Reynolds (Winthrop).

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