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Rendezvous Hotel

kalish jeff greenwood carliner

(CBS, 7/11/1979, 120 mins). “Love Boat” transposed to a posh resort hotel best describes this prospective pilot to a comedy series that ultimately never saw the light of night. The hotel, run by a madcap family headed by Bill Daily (long one of the second bananas on “The Bob Newhart Show”) and Jeff J. Redford as his somewhat scatterbrained nephew, caters to assorted unpredictable guests availing themselves of the resort’s advertised bliss. Subsequently, the film was shaved down to 90 minutes by merely lopping off the final couple of reels and tacking on the original wrap-up.

Production Company Mark Carliner Productions. Director Peter H Hunt. Executive Producers Austin Kalish, Irma Kalish. Producer Mark Carliner. Teleplay Austin Kalish, Clayton Baxter, Irma Kalish. Photography William K. Jurgensen. Music Jonathan Tunick. Editor Carroll Sax. Art Director Ray Storey. Associate Producer Robin S. Clark.

Cast Bill Daily (Walter Grainger), Jeff J. Redford (Jerry Greenwood), Theodore Wilson (Cleveland Jennings), Bobbie Mitchell (Barbara Claiborne), Talya Ferro (Concetta Jennings), Edward Winter (Jim Becker), Carole Cook (Lucille Greenwood), Severn Darden (Albert Church), Kathryn Witt (Anne Jones), Nellie Bellflower (Sherry Leonard), Emory Bass (Edward Daley), Dolph Sweet (Harvey Greenwood), Bruce French (Frank Leonard), Sean Garrison (Guy), Jeff Donnell (Mrs. Williams), Jane Abbott (Texas waitress), Jack O’Leary (Mr. Corman), Diane Lander (Dr. Coleman), Brooke Kaplan (Kiki), Jack English (Stuart).

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