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The Return of Joe Forrester

robert drake production gerber

(NBC, 5/6/1975, 90 mins). Aging street cop goes after a gang of toughs involved in several robbery rapes on his beat in this pilot (a spin off from “Police Story”) for the 1975-76 series. The veteran cop concept also was the basis for “The Blue Knight” series at the same time – and that too was based on a Joseph Wambaugh creation. Original title: “Cop on the Beat.”

Production Companies Columbia Pictures Television, David Gerber Productions. Director Virgil W. Vogel. Executive Producers David Gerber, Stan Kallis. Producer Christopher Morgan. Teleplay Mark Rodgers. Photography Emmett Bergholz. Music Richard Markowitz. Editor Arthur D. Hilton. Art Directors Robert Peterson, Ross Bellah. Production Consultant Joseph Wambaugh.

Cast Lloyd Bridges (Joe Forrester), Pat Crowley (Georgia Cameron), Jim Backus (Jake Mandel), Dane Clark (Lieutenant Eaker), Dean Stockwell (Sergeant Callan), Della Reese (Claudine), Janis Paige (Irene), Tom Drake (The Golfer), Edie Adams (Massage parlor owner), Hari Rhodes (Dr. Belding), Charles Drake (Commander), Eddie Egan (Sergeant Malone), Don Stroud (Plums), Dwan Smith (Jolene Jackson), Rudy Solari (Valera), Shelly Novack (Henderson), Ted Gehring (Patrol lieutenant), Ray Young, Robert Phillips, Lew Horn, Dick Peabody, Stanley Adams, Adina Ross, Robert Ginty, Gordon Jump, Gary Cashdollar, William Benedict

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