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Rescue from Gilligan's Island

schwartz sherwood director producer

(NBC, 10/14/1978 and 10/21/1978, 2 Parts, 60 mins each). The gang from the 1964-67 “Gilligan’s Island” series finds its way off the island after 14 years, being carried back to civilization by a giant tidal wave. The castaways (the six original members and Judith Baldwin, replacing Tina Louise) go their separate ways and try to cope with a faster-paced society while Gilligan himself finds that he is the target of a couple of bumbling Soviet agents and ultimately is shipwrecked once again with the old group on the same deserted island. The movie was subsequently shown as a single two-hour segment, and two TV-movie sequels followed in 1979 and 1981.

Production Companies Sherwood Schwartz Company, Redwood Productions, Universal Television. Director Leslie Martinson. Executive Producer Sherwood Schwartz. Producer Lloyd J. Schwartz. Teleplay Al Schwartz, David P. Harmon, Elroy Schwartz. Photography Robert Primes. Music Gerald Fried. Theme song by George Wylie, Sherwood Schwartz. Editor Marshall Neilan. Art Director Stan Jolley.

Cast Bob Denver (Gillian), Alan Hale Jr. (Skipper), Jim Backus (Thurston Howell III), Natalie Schafer (Lovey Howell), Russell Johnson (Professor), Dawn Wells (Mary Ann), Judith Baldwin (Ginger), Vincent Schiavelli (Dimitri), Art La Fleur (Ivan), Norman Bartold (Producer), Barbara Mallory (Cindy Smith), June Whitley Taylor (Miss Ainsworth), Martin Rudy (Dean), Mary Gregory (Mrs. Devonshire), Glenn Richards (Mr. Devonshire), Diana Chesney (Mrs. Fellows), Victor Rogers (Mr. Fellows), Michael Flanagan (Director), Martin Ashe (Butler), Robert Wood (Tony), John Wheeler (Studio guard), Alex Rodine (First officer), Don Marshall (1st FBI agent), Mel Prestidge (Governor’s aide), Lewis Arquette (Judge), Judd Lawrence (Technician), Michael Macready (2nd FBI agent), Richard Rorke (Helicopter pilot), Marcus K Mukai (Hawaiian man), Snag Werris (Cameraman), Mario J. Machado (Reporter), Micki Waugh, Alisa Powell, Portia Stevens, Candace Bowen.

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