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The Return of Mod Squad

thomas spelling wild aaron

(ABC, 5/18/1979, 120 mins). With an eye toward reviving the hit series that ran from 1968 to 1973, “Mod Squad” producers Danny Thomas and Aaron Spelling joined forces once again after going their separate ways for many years to call ex-undercover cops Pete, Linc and Julie back to the force when a series of sniper attacks are made on their old boss. But the three soon find that they themselves are the intended victims of a gunman who lives in their old “flower child” world of the 1960s. This ploy to pump new life into old succcesses followed the pattern set previously (and unsuccessfully) by those behind Maverick, Gilligan’s Island, Wild Wild West, Lassie, The Millionaire, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.—and, theatrically, Star Trek and Get Smart.

Production Company Thomas-Spelling Productions. Director George McCowan. Executive Producers Aaron Spelling, Danny Thomas. Producer Lynn Loring. Teleplay Robert Janes. Photography Arch R. Dalzell. Music Mark Snow, Shorty Rogers. Editors Dennis C. Duckwall, Stanley Wohlberg. Art Directors Jan M. Van Tamelen, Paul Sylos. Associate Producer Shelley Hull.

Cast Michael Cole (Pete Cochrane), Clarence Williams III (Linc Hayes), Peggy Lipton (Julie Barnes), Tige Andrews (Adam Greer), Tom Bosley (Frank Webber), Todd Bridges (Jason Hayes), Victor Buono (Keith Starr), Tom Ewell (Cook), John Karlen (Marty), Ross Martin (Buck Prescott), Sugar Ray Robinson (Himself), Mark Slade (Richie Webber), Roy Thinnes (Dan), Simon Scott (Barney Metcalf), Jess Walton (Kate Kelsey), Taylor Lacher (Jake/bartender), Rafael Campos (Johnny Sorella), Byron Stewart (Bingo), Hope Holliday (Willie), Thomas Bellin (Phil), Chu Chu Malave, Cis Rundle, Barbara Sammeth, Kenneth White, Cameron Young, Nick Lewis, Stonewall Jackson, Julianna Tatak, Ed Rombola.

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