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Return of the Gunfighter

king robert boone girl

(ABC, 1/29/1967, 120 mins). An aging gunman (played by former screen matinee idol Robert Taylor) and a wounded saddle tramp (Chad Everett) team up to help a Mexican girl avenge the death of her parents, who were murdered for their land.

Production Companies King Brothers, MGM Television. Director James Neilson. Producers Frank King, Maurice King. Teleplay Robert Buckner. Based on a story by Burt Kennedy, Robert Buckner. Photography Ellsworth Fredericks. Music Hans J. Salter. Editor Richard Heermance. Art Directors George W. Davis, James W Sullivan. Associate Producer Herman King.

Cast Robert Taylor (Ben Wyatt), Ana Martin (Anis), Chad Everett (Lee Sutton), Mort Mills (Will Parker), Lyle Bettger (Clay Sutton), John David Chandler (Sundance), Michael Pate (Frank Boone), Barry Atwater (Lomax), John Crawford (Butch Cassidy), Willis Bouchey (Judge Ellis), Rodolfo Hoyos (Luis Domingo), Read Morgan (Wid Boone), Henry Willis (Sam Boone), Bob Shelton (Cowboy), Loretta Miller (Dance hall girl), Janel Alden (Dance hall girl).

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