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The Return of the Incredible Hulk

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(CBS, 11/28/1977, 120 mins). The second pilot to the subsequent series that began in March 1978 and continued somewhat intermittently through the spring of 1982 (87 episodes). It offered the further adventures of the Marvel Comics-created scientist who, as it was described, “conducted radiation experiments that turned him into a homeless wanderer (and occasionally a raging green beast) in search of a cure for the monstrous effects of his experiments.” Notable for premiering only three weeks after its predecessor, and, like the earlier one, later cut in half and presented in two parts on the subsequent cult series.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Alan J. Levi. Producer Kenneth Johnson. Teleplay Kenneth Johnson. Photography Charles W. Short. Music Joe Harnell. Editor Jack Schoengarth. Art Director David Marshall.

Cast Bill Bixby (Dr. David Bruce Banner), Jack Colvin (Jack McGee), Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk), Laurie Pringle (Julie Griffith), William Daniels (Dr. Bonifant), Dorothy Tristan (Margaret Griffith), Gerald McRaney (Denny), John McLiam (Michael), Mills Watson (Sheriff), Victor Mohica (Rafe), Robert Phillips (Phil), Ann Weldon (1st nurse), Linda Wiser (2nd nurse), Roger Aaron Brown (Lab technician), Janet Adams (3rd nurse), Swan Socorro (Receptionist), Rita Gomez (Maid), Rick Garcia (Cuban).

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