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The Return of the World's Greatest Detective

hargrove dean kibbee watson

(NBC, 6/16/1976, 90 mins). Larry Hagman stars as a bumbling Los Angeles cop who falls off his motorcycle, and as the result of a concussion he comes to the conclusion that he is really Sherlock Holmes. With the aid of a woman psychiatric social worker named Watson, he then sets out to solve the puzzling murder of an embezzler.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Dean Hargrove. Producers Dean Hargrove, Roland Kibbee. Teleplay Dean Hargrove, Roland Kibbee. Photography William Mendenhall. Music Dick DeBenedictis. Editor John Kaufman Jr. Art Director William L. Campbell .

Cast Larry Hagman (Sherman Holmes), Jenny O’Hara (Dr. Joan Watson), Nicholas Colasanto (Lt. Nick Tinker), Woodrow Parfrey (Himmel), Helen Verbit (Landlady), Ivor Francis (Spiner), Charles Macaulay (Judge Clement Harley), Ron Silver (Dr. Collins), Sid Haig (Vince Cooley), Booth Colman (Psychiatrist), Lieux Dressler (Mrs. Slater), Fuddle Bagley (Detective), Benny Rubin (Klinger), Robert Snively (Manager), Jude Farese (Caretaker), George Brenlin (Sergeant), Al Dunlap (Bailiff), Jefferson Kibbee (Deliveryman).

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