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Return to Earth

aldrin taylor edwin king

(ABC, 5/14/1976, 90 mins). The true story of Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (played by Cliff Robertson) who, two years after his historic moon landing in 1969, had a breakdown, was hospitalized for psychiatric treatment, and subsequently lost his wife and children. Based on Aldrin’s 1973 autobiography, written with Wayne Warga.

Production Company King-Hitzig Productions. Director Jud Taylor. Executive Producers Alan King, Rupert Hitzig. Producer Jud Taylor. Teleplay George Malko. Based on the Autobiography by Buzz Aldrin with Wayne Warga. Photography Frank Stanley. Music Billy Goldenberg. Editor Ronald J. Fagan.

Cast Cliff Robertson (Col. Edwin E. ‘Buzz’ Aldrin Jr.), Shirley Knight (Joan Aldrin), Charles Cioffi (Dr. Sam Mayhill), Ralph Bellamy (Col. Edwin E. Aldrin), Stefanie Powers (Marianne), Kraig Metzinger (Andy Aldrin), Alexandra Taylor (Jan Aldrin), Tony Markes (Mike Aldrin), Stephen Pearlman (Dr. Hotfield), Stefan Gierasch (Al Davis), Mark Roberts, Lance Henriksen, Conrad Fowkes, George Wallace, Robert Karnes, Frank Jansen, Georgie Paul, Davis Roberts, John Hesley, Darian Taylor, Sandra de Bruin, Anne Newman Mantee, Mickey Gatlin, Bob Williams, Shelley Mitchell, Mark Plastric.

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