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Returning Home

stephensen parrish james tom

(ABC, 4/29/1975, 90 mins). A nostalgic war drama based on the 1946 Goldwyn classic “The Best Years of Our Lives,” following three returning World War II veterans as they face the challenge of adjusting to civilian life. Dabney Coleman takes the Fredric March role and Tom Selleck the part played by Dana Andrews, while non-professional actor James Miller (a Vietnam bilateral amputee who is deputy sheriff in Sidney, Montana) enacts the character created by Harold Russell.

Production Companies Lorimar Productions, Samuel Goldwyn Productions. Director Daniel Petrie. Executive Producer Lee Rich. Producer Herbert Hirschman. Teleplay Bill Svanoe, John McGreevey. Photography Richard Rawlings. Music Ken Lauber. Editors Marjorie Fowler, Michael McCroskey. Art Director Ed Graves.

Cast Dabney Coleman (Al Stephensen), Tom Selleck (Fred Derry), James R. Miller (Homer Parrish), Whitney Blake (Millie Stephensen), Joan Goodfellow (Peggy Stephensen), Sherry Jackson (Marie Derry), Laurie Walters (Wilma Parrish), James A. Watson Jr. (Capt. Will Tobey), Lenka Peterson (Mrs. Parrish), Pat Smith (Mrs. Cameron), Richard O’Brien (Mr. Cameron), Booth Colman (Vern Milton), Lou Frizzell (Butch Cavendish), Jim Antonio (Avery Novak), Don Keefer (Mr. Parrish), James Beach (Henry ‘Wimpy’ Jergens), Paul Lambert (Mike Harris), Tom Blank (Dave), Joseph DiReda (ATC Sergeant), Edward Call (Hank), Allen Price (Rob Stephensen), Adrian Ricard (Customer), Eileen McDonough (Luella).

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