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Richie Brockelman: Missing 24 Hours

william cannell davenport stephen

(NBC, 10/27/1976, 90 mins). A neophyte gumshoe with more nerve than know-how joins the big leagues when hired by an amnesia victim who not only cannot explain why she’s being sought by a gunman but who also believes that she is involved in a murder. Brockelman originally was introduced on James Garner’s “The Rockford Files” with the idea of making him Rockford’s sidekick. Instead the character was written into this pilot film and then spun off into a very brief “Richie Brockelman” series in 1977 that never caught on, even after Brockelman made another appearance on “The Rockford Files” and again was tried in series.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Hy Averback. Executive Producers Stephen J. Cannell, Steven Bochco. Producer William F. Phillips. Teleplay Stephen J. Cannell, Steven Bochco. Photography William Mendenhall. Music Mike Post, Pete Carpenter. Editor John Elias. Art Director Lester L. Green.

Cast Dennis Dugan (Richie Brockelman), Suzanne Pleshette (Elizabeth Morton), Norman Fell (Mr. Brockelman), Helen Page Camp (Mrs. Brockelman), Barbara Bosson (Sharon Peterson), Lloyd Bochner (Davenport), Sharon Gless (Darcy Davenport), William Windom (Arnold Springfield), Harold Sylvester (Rider), Ned Wilson (McNeil), Hunter Von Leer (Marine), Gloria Le Roy (Hooker), Ted Gehring (Irv), Lew Palter (Jack), W.T. Zacha (Prell), Tom Falk (Art), Shug Fisher (Dave).

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