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Ring of Passion

schmeling max louis nbc

(NBC, 2/4/1978, 120 mins). A fact based drama about the two Louis Schmeling heavyweight fights and the way both boxers unwillingly became symbols of political ideologies just prior to World War II. Originally titled “Countdown to the Big One.”

Production Companies Twentieth Century Fox Television, NBC Productions. Director Robert Michael Lewis. Executive Producer Sheldon A. Saltman. Producer Lou Morheim. Teleplay Larry Forrester. Photography Jules Brenner. Music Bill Conti. Editor Sidney Katz. Art Director Richard Y. Haman.

Cast Bernie Casey (Joe Louis), Stephen Macht (Max Schmeling), Allen Garfield (Damon Runyon), Percy Rodrigues (John Roxborough), Joseph Campanella (Paul Gallico), Britt Ekland (Anny Ondra Schmeling), Norman Alden (Max Machon), Julius Harris (Chappie Jackson), Mordecai Lawner (Joe Jacobs), Barry Dennen (Adolf Hitler), Johnny Haymer (Nazi Official), Al Lewis (Mike Jacobs), Rod McCary (Rodney), Joshua Shelley (Max), Mel Stewart (Julian Black), Denise Nicholas (Marva Trotter Louis), Beah Richards (Lilly Brooks), Stephen Roberts (Franklin Delano Roosevelt), Jack Bernardi (Mr. Weisman), Shaka Cumuka (Honey Bear), Sarina C. Grant (Vunies), Tom Kelly (1st Newsman), Jimmy Lennon (Ring Announcer), Allan Malamud (2nd Newsman), David Moody (Wellwisher), Joni Palmer (Emmarell), Clement St. George (German commentator), Wonderful Smith (Minister), Geo Latka (Referee Donovan), Patrick O’Hara (Tom O’Rourke), Warren Munson, Clay Hodges, Frank Slaten, Dan Ayer.

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