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Ritual of Evil

wiley white hyde wilfrid

(NBC, 2/23/1970, 120 mins). Further excursions into black magic and the occult occur in this sequel to “Fear No Evil” (1969) with Louis Jourdan and Wilfrid Hyde White re creating their roles. This movie was called “Next Time, My Love” during production and has a noted psychiatrist delving into the death of a patient, a young heiress.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Robert Day. Producer David Levinson. Teleplay Robert Presnell Jr. Based on Characters Created by Richard Alan Simmons. Photography Lionel Lindon. Music Billy Goldenberg. Editor Douglas Stewart. Art Director William D. DeCinces.

Cast Louis Jourdan (David Sorell), Anne Baxter (Jolene Wiley), Diana Hyland (Leila Barton), John McMartin (Edward Bolander), Wilfrid Hyde White (Harry Snowden), Belinda Montgomery (Loey Wiley), Carla Borelli (Aline Wiley), Georg Stanford Brown (Larry Richmond), Regis J. Cordic (Sheriff), Dehl Berti (Mora), Richard Alan Knox (Hippie), Johnny Williams (Newscaster), Jimmy Joyce (1st reporter), James LaSane (2nd reporter).

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