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The Rockford Files

robert james butler director

(NBC, 3/27/1974, 90 mins). The pilot to James Garner’s hit TV series that debuted in the fall of 1974 has the ex con turned private eye investigating the death of a skid row bum after being convinced by the man’s daughter that he was murdered. Joe Santos and Stuart Margolin continued in the series in recurring roles, and Noah Beery was brought in to replace Robert Donley as Rockford’s dad.

Production Companies Cherokee Productions, Universal Television. Director Richard T. Heffron. Executive Producers Jo Swerling Jr., Meta Rosenberg. Producer Stephen J. Cannell. Teleplay Stephen J. Cannell. Based on a Story by John Thomas James. Photography Lamar Boren. Music Mike Post, Pete Carpenter. Editor John J. Dumas. Art Director Robert Luthardt.

Cast James Garner (Jim Rockford), Lindsay Wagner (Sara Butler), William Smith (Jerry Grimes), Nita Talbot (Mildred Elias), Joe Santos (Det. Dennis Becker), Stuart Margolin (Angel Martin), Robert Donley (Joseph Rockford), Pat Renella (Morrie Talbot), Bill Mumy (Nick Butler), Mike Steele (Danford Baker), Michael Lerner (Dr. Ruben Seelman), Ted Gehring (Norm Mitchell), Joshua Bryant (Capt. Harry Dell), Bill Quinn (Harry Butler), Claude Johnson (Officer), Robert Williams (Arnold DeMura), Luis DelGado (Luis), Jack Garner (Man in washroom).

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