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Roger & Harry: The Mitera Target

jack fred lansbury producer

(ABC, 5/2/1977, 90 mins). The pilot movie for a series that never materialized, dealing with a pair of free wheeling investigators who specialize in recovering lost and stolen objects as well as missing or kidnapped persons, and who here are hired by a millionaire businessman whose daughter apparently was spirited out of the country. Subsequently titled “Love for Ransom.”

Production Companies Bruce Lansbury Productions Ltd., Columbia Pictures Television. Director Jack Starrett. Executive Producer Bruce Lansbury. Producer Anthony Spinner. Teleplay Alvin Sapinsley. Photography Fred Jackman. Music Allyn Ferguson, Jack Elliot. Editors David Wages, Jack Kampschroer. Art Directors Carl Brauner, Ross Bellah.

Cast John Davidson (Roger Quentin), Barry Primus (Harry Jaworsky), Carole Mallory (Kate Wilson), Anne Randall Stewart (Joanna March), Richard Lynch (Curt Blair), Harris Yulin (Arthur Pennington), Susan Sullivan (Cindy St. Claire), Titos Vandis (Claude DuCloche), Biff McGuire (Sylvester March), Alan McRae (David Peterson), Vaughn Armstrong (Heller), Henry Sutton (Cutts), James O’Connell (Mankowitz), Robert DoQui (Lieutenant Shelley), Fred Holliday (TV reporter).

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