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Roll, Freddy, Roll!

bill persky danton kane

(ABC, 12/17/1974, 90 mins). A mild mannered computer programmer lives on roller skates for seven days to compete for attention with his son’s stepfather and to win a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Bill Persky. Producers Bill Persky, Sam Denoff. Teleplay Bill Persky, Sam Denoff. Photography John M. Stephens. Music Allyn Ferguson, Jack Elliot. Editor Jerry Shepard. Art Director Bill Malley.

Cast Tim Conway (Freddy Danton), Jan Murray (Big Sid Kane), Moosie Drier (Tommy Danton), Barra Grant (Sidni Kane), Scott Brady (Admiral Norton), Robert Hogan (Don Talbert), Ruta Lee (Evelyn Danton Kane), Henry Jones (Theodore Menlo), Danny Wells (Skating rink attendant), Edwina Gough (Rita), Sam Denoff (Gas station attendant), Richard Caine (Policeman), Richard Patterson (Ted Comden), Ed Peck (Admiral Frigate), Cliff Pellow (Guard), Roy West (Announcer), Patricia Heider (Cashier), Richmond Sheppard (Page man), Diane Sommerfield (Helen), Wally Dalton (Counterman), Redmond Gleeson (Man).

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