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The Rookies

lassiter robert sam spelling

(ABC, 3/7/1972, 90 mins). Police recruits and their wives try to adjust to the ways of being part of a metropolitan police force. This was the pilot for the popular series (1972-75) starring Georg Stanford Brown, Sam Melville and Michadel Ontkean, along with Kate Jackson (in the part played by Jennifer Billingsley in this film).

Production Company Aaron Spelling Productions. Director Jud Taylor. Producer Aaron Spelling. Teleplay William Blinn. Based on a Story by Rita Lakin. Photography Arch R. Dalzell. Music Elmer Bernstein. Editor Art Seid. Art Director Paul Sylos.

Cast Darren McGavin (Sgt. Eddie Ryker), Paul Burke (Neil Montgomery), Cameron Mitchell (Sniper), Robert F. Lyons (Jared Whitman), Georg Stanford Brown (Terry Webster), Sam Melville (Mike Danko), Michael Ontkean (Willie Gillis), Jeff Pomerantz (Kevin Lassiter), Jennifer Billingsley (Jill Danko), Monika Svenson (Birgitta Whitman), Logan Ramsey (Toby Loomis), Davey Davison (Molly Lassiter), Arch Johnson (Ranch instructor), Robert J. Wilke (Officer Shaw).

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