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Rosetti and Ryan: Men Who Love Women

john judge william art

(NBC, 5/19/1977, 90 mins). A couple of resourceful, free wheeling criminal attorneys with an eye for the ladies confront a no nonsense judge while trying to clear an heiress in the slaying of her husband, although her explanation that a mysterious intruder did it provides them with a rather weak case. The subsequent series with Tony Roberts and Squire Fridell lasted for several months in late 1977.

Production Companies Heyday Productions, Universal Television. Director John Astin. Executive Producer Leonard B. Stern. Producer Jerome L. Davis. Teleplay Don M. Mankiewicz, Gordon Cotler, Sam H. Rolfe. Photography William Mendenhall. Music Peter Matz. Editor James T. Heckert. Art Director Seymour Klate.

Cast Tony Roberts (Joseph Rosetti), Squire Fridell (Frank Ryan), Jane Elliot (Jessica Hornesby), Susan Anspach (Beverly Dresden), Dick O’Neill (Judge Proctor Hardcastle), Roberta Leighton (Druscilla Gerard), Al Molinaro (Benny), Andrea Howard (Sister Constanza), William Marshall (Judge Marcus Black), Richard Stahl (Medical examiner), Bill Dana (Sgt. Pete Agopian), Patty Duke Astin (Sylvia Crawford), William Boyett (Hannigan), Penny Santon (Ma Rosetti), René Enriquez (Ortiz), Gloria Stroock (Mrs. Blaine), Hope Alexander Willis (Jefferson), Ruth Manning (Emma), Delos V. Smith (Prosecutor), Heather Lowe (Georgia), John Wyler (White), Barbara Alston (Greta), Bobby Herbeck (Manny), Kip King (Wardell), Art Koustik (Mike), Frank Bongiorno (Pastafiore), John Bentley (Mr. Graves), Luana Anders (Mrs. Gerard), Loren Berman, Li-Chi Chao, Bob Golden, Ralph Hoops, Ed McCready, Roger Price, Jodi Carlson, Paul Micale.

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