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Ruby and Oswald

john michael george richard

(CBS, 2/8/1978, 180 mins). A dramatic three hour plus re creation of the four-day span preceding and following the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November 1963, drawn from authenticated events and eyewitness accounts. Subsequently cut to 2½ hours and retitled “Four Days in Dallas.”

Production Company Alan Landsburg Productions. Director Mel Stuart. Executive Producer Alan Landsburg. Producer Paul Freeman. Teleplay John McGreevey, Michael McGreevey. Photography Matthew F. Leonetti. Editor Corky Ehlers, George B. Hively. Art Director Ray Beal.

Cast Michael Lerner (Jack Ruby), Frederic Forrest (Lee Harvey Oswald), Doris Roberts (Eva), Lou Frizzell (Capt. J. Will Fritz), Bruce French (Robert Oswald), Sandy McPeak (District Attorney Wade), Lanna Saunders (Marina Oswald), Sandy Ward (Chief Curry), James E. Brodhead (Judge Johnston), Brian Dennehy (George Paulsen), Gwynne Gilford (Little Lynn), Gordon Jump (Clyde Gaydosh), Erik Kilpatrick (Andy Armstrong), Walter Mathews (George), Michael Pataki (Ike Pappas), Al Ruscio (Nat Ryan), Jodean Russo (Phyllis Noonan), Richard Sanders (Agent Kelley), Vickery Turner (Wanda Killiem), Max Anderson, Lewis Arquette, Robert Bryan Berger, Dean Brooks, Edward Call, Raymond Colbert, Molly Dodd, David Leroy Dorr, Jessie Lee Fulton, John Galt, Phyllis Glick, Margie Gordon, James Hall, Bill Joyce, Delbert Henry Knight Sr., Jim Lough, Chip Lucia, Lilah McCarthy, Dick McGarvin, John R. MacLean, Jim Mendenhall, Anthony Palmer, George Paul, Richard Roat, Michael Schwartz, Adriana Shaw, Amanda Sherman, Bill Sorrells, John Terry, Lesley Woods, Rabbi Hillel Silverman.

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