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Run a Crooked Mile

tyler alexander mary howard

(NBC, 11/18/1969, 120 mins). A thriller about a math teacher (Louis Jourdan), vacationing in Europe, who stumbles onto a plot to manipulate the international gold standard and becomes the prime target of high-level conspirators. One of two very early TV-movies starring Mary Tyler Moore.

Production Companies Halsan Productions, ABC Productions. Director Gene Levitt. Executive Producer Charles F. Engel. Producer Ian Lewis. Teleplay Trevor Wallace. Photography Arthur Grant. Music Mike Leander. Editor Bert Rule. Art Director Bernard Robinson.

Cast Louis Jourdan (Richard Stuart), Mary Tyler Moore (Elizabeth Sutton), Wilfrid Hyde-White (Dr. Ralph Sawyer), Stanley Holloway (Caretaker), Alexander Knox (Sir Howard Nettleton), Terry Alexander (Peter Martin), Ronald Howard (Inspector Huntington), Laurence Naismith (Lord Dunnsfield), Norma Bird (Sergeant Hooper), Ernest Clark (Chairman), Bernard Archard (Business spokesman), Nora Nicholson (Miss Abernathy), Jean Anderson (Sister Teresa), Elspeth March (Mrs. Doyle), Geoffrey Cheshire (Navvy), Hilard Pritchard (Peter Martin’s secretary), Hugo DeVernier (Charles), Arnold Diamond (Swiss news agent), William Burleigh (Brandon).

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