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(ABC, 9/29/1973, 90 mins). A suspense thriller about a bunch of weekend skiers (familiar TV faces all) who sweat out a harrowing journey down a mountainside in a runaway train. Theatrically, in Great Britain, this film was titled, cleverly, as “The Runaway Train.”

Production Company Universal Television. Director David Lowell Rich. Executive Producer Harve Bennett. Producer David Lowell Rich. Teleplay Gerald DiPego. Photography Bud Thackery. Music Hal Mooney. Editor Douglas Stewart. Art Director Loyd S. Papez. Costumes Burton Miller.

Cast Ben Johnson (Holly Gibson), Ben Murphy (Les Reaver), Ed Nelson (Nick Staffo), Darlene Carr (Carol Lerner), Lee H. Montgomery (Mark Shedd), Martin Milner (John Shedd), Vera Miles (Ellen Staffo), Ray Danton (Prof. Jack Dunn), Frank Marth (Dispatcher), Bing Russell (Fireman), John McLiam (Conductor), Lou Frizzell (Herb Elkhart/brakeman), Frank Maxwell (Chief dispatcher), Kip Niven (College man), Laurette Spang (Coed), Ross Elliott (Dr. Phillips), Kelley Miles (Screaming girl), Judson Pratt (Bill Travers), Than Wyenn (Man in shock).

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