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S.O.S. Titanic

john david officer james

(ABC, 9/23/1979, 180 mins). Lavish new three-hour dramatization about the sinking of the Titanic tragedy with three American TV stars heading a huge, basically British cast. Leachman, as the “unsinkable” Molly Brown, also portrayed the same real-life character years before on TV on the dramatic anthology “Telephone Time” series (1957). Emmy Award nominations for editing went to John A. Martinelli and Rusty Coppleman. A shorter version (102 minutes) subsequently has been shown theatrically overseas.

Production Companies Roger Gimbel Productions, EMI Television, Argonaut Films. Director Billy Hale. Executive Producers Roger Gimbel, William S. Gilmore. Producer Lou Morheim. Teleplay James Costigan. Photography Chris Challis. Music Howard Blake. Supervising Editor John A. Martinelli. Editor Rusty Coppleman. Production Designer Herbert Westbrook. Associate Producer Neville C. Thompson. Research Titanic Historical Society.

Cast David Janssen (John Jacob Astor), Cloris Leachman (Molly Brown), Susan Saint James (Leigh Goodwin), David Warner (Laurence Beesley), Ian Holm (J Bruce Ismay), Helen Mirren (May Sloan), Harry Andrews (Capt. Edward J Smith), David Battley (S Stebbing), Ed Bishop (Henry Harris), Tony Caunter (Chief Officer Henry Wilde), Nicholas Davies (Alfie King), Matthew Guinness (Father Byles), Jerry Houser (Daniel Marvin), Victor Langley (Wallace Hartley), Gerald McSorley (Martin Gallagher), John Moffat (Benjamin Guggenheim), Aubrey Morris (John Hart), Martin Murphy (Peter Fletcher), Nancy Nevinson (Ida Straus), Philip O’Sullivan (David Charters), Robert Pugh (James Farrell), Maurice Roeves (Fred Barret), Norman Rossington (T. King), Geoffrey Whitehead (Thomas Andrews), Gordon Whiting (Isidor Straus), Paul Young (1st Officer Joseph Murdoch), Peter Bourne (Harold McBride), Shevaun Briars (Katie Gilnagh), Nick Brimble (Olaus Abelseth), Jacob Brooke (John Hardy), Catherine Byrne (Bridget Bradley), Warren Clarke (Joseph Boxall), Deborah Fallender (Mary Marvin), Lise Hilboldt (René Harris), Kate Howard (Countess of Rothes), Karl Howman (5th Officer Harold Lowe), Tony Maiden (E.J. Guy), Michele O’Connor (Kate Mullins), Rynagh O’Grady (Mary Agatha Glynn), Antoinette O’Reilly (Irish beauty), Kevin O’Shea (Reginald Lee), Dorothea Page 190  Phillips (Emma Bucknell), Anna Quayle (Maude Slocombe), Beverly Ross (Madeline Astor), Carolle Rousseau (Mme de Villiers), Madge Ryan (Violet Jessop), Alec Sabin (Frederick Fleet), Ronan Smith (Daniel Buckley), Malcolm Stoddard (2nd Officer Charles H. Lightoller), Philip Stone (Carpathia Capt. Arthur Rostron), Christopher Strauli (Harold Cottam).

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