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Salem's Lot

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(CBS, 11/17/1979 and 11/24/1979, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). Best-sellling author Stephen King’s hugely popular 1975 chiller about modern-day vampirism in New England emerged as a two-part, four-hour film, with David Soul as a successful novelist who returns to his boyhood home and finds strange doings, behind many of which is a sinister-looking antique dealer played by James Mason. Emmy Award nominations went to Harry Sukman for his musical score, Jack Young and Ben Lane for their vampire makeup, and Gene Kroft for his title sequence graphic design. Later the film was repeated in a single-part three-hour version in 1981, and a cable-TV version running slightly under two hours aired under the title, “Salem’s Lot: The Movie.” In 2004 there would be a remake of the original two-parter.

Production Company Warner Bros. Television. Director Tobe Hooper. Executive Producer Stirling Silliphant. Producer Richard Kobritz. Teleplay Paul Monash. Based on the Novel by Stephen King. Photography Jules Brenner. Music Harry Sukman. Editor Carroll Sax. Production Designer Mort Rabinowitz. Associate Producer Anna Cottle.

Cast David Soul (Ben Mears), James Mason (Richard K. Starker), Lance Kerwin (Mark Petrie), Bonnie Bedelia (Susan Norton), Lew Ayres (Jason Burke), Julie Cobb (Bonnie Sawyer), Elisha Cook (Weasel), George Dzundza (Cullie Sawyer), Ed Flanders (Dr. Bill Norton), Clarissa Kaye (Marjorie Glick), Geoffrey Lewis (Mike Ryerson), Barney McFadden (Ned Tebbets), Kenneth McMillan (Parkins Gillespie), Fred Willard (Larry Crockett), Marie Windsor (Eve Miller), Reggie Nalder (Kurt Barlow), Barbara Babcock (June Petrie), Bonnie Bartlett (Ann Norton), Joe Brooks (Guard), Joshua Bryant (Ted Petrie), James Gallery (Father Callahan), Robert Lussier (Nolly Gardner), Ernie Phillips (Royal Snow), Brad Savage (Danny Glick), Ronnie Scribner (Ralphie Glick), Ned Wilson (Henry Glick).

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