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San Francisco International

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(NBC, 9/29/1970, 120 mins). Daily doings at a huge airport, not the least of which is a possible $3 million hijacking while the manager and his staff are already wrestling with everything from a kidnapping to a shaky marriage. The subsequent series (1970-71) starred Lloyd Bridges, taking over for Pernell Roberts, and Clu Gulager.

Production Company Universal Television. Director John Llewellyn Moxey. Executive Producer Frank Price. Producers Allan Balter, William Read Woodfield. Teleplay Allan Balter, William Read Woodfield. Photography Andrew Jackson. Music Patrick Williams. Editors Budd Small, John Elias. Art Director Henry Larrecq.

Cast Pernell Roberts (Jim Conrad), Clu Gulager (Bob Hatten), Beth Brickell (Katie Barrett), Van Johnson (Lester Scott), David Hartman (Ross Edwards), Nancy Malone (Tina Scott), Ted Eccles (Davey Scott), Walter Brooke (Clifford Foster), Cliff Potts (William Sturtevant), Jill Donohue (Joan Edwards), Chuck Daniel (Frank Davis), Dana Elcar (George Woodruff), Tab Hunter (Stayczek), Robert Sorrells (Dan), Jim B. Smith (Amato), Jason Wingreen (Senator), Marc Hannibal (Sergeant Dobkin), Frank Gerstle (Congressman).

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